Will you be joining us for the 4th GROUNDED?

6 days and 5 nights of dancing with the elements,
outdoors, on the soft red earth
under the big starry sky

Are you ready to remember your wildness?

Are you ready to de-program and re-earth?

Are you ready to reignite your relationship

with the spirit of this country?

Meet you there.

Only 20 spots offered to womxn with the intention of harnessing an intimate group for depth and integrity.


Meet the Team:

Therese Ryder Senior Arrernte Woman - Ceremony, Sacred Sites

Rivka Worth - 5Rhythms/Eco-Somatics Workshop Facilitator

Liv King -Crew Manager 

Emily Christina Bell - Onsite Caterer 'emilybellish'


During this 6 day workshop we will


meet the land

listen and learn about this big country

connect with ourselves & each other

practice nature meditation & somatic embodiment

create earth-based ritual and ceremony

embody sacred stillness

Join Rivka Worth. certified 5Rhythms teacher, and guests,

in the heart of our country for a Women's 5Rhythms dance and moving meditation, bush camping retreat, reconnecting us with the ‘grounding’ and ‘spaciousness’ that being in nature provides.


Therese Ryder

Senior Eastern Arrernte Elder

 Therese lives in Alice Springs and works at Children's Ground.

She is an Educator and Artist and Traditional Owner for Ross River and surrounding Country.

Rivka Worth

“dance is my thing, always has been, always growing, learning, exploring, playing. It’s how I move through the world. Dance is my profession, my passion, my healing, my skill, my service”

Rivka Worth thrives on bringing humans together in ceremonial dance, where freedom, connection and transformation are individually and collectively embodied on the dance floor. Her dance floors range from inner city church halls, sandy lined shores, leafy green forest beds and red desert earth. Rivka is dedicated to connecting us back to nature through our own embodiment. As we listen into ourselves, just like a shell, we hear country. Everything we need is in nature. We are nature. 


Rivka has been dancing since the womb, She has been a space holder/facilitator of expressive and somatic movement for 27 years, danced 5Rhythms for over 25 years and a certified 5Rhythms teacher since 2014. Rivka is a nature lover, a DJ, a long-time student of yoga, contact improvisation and body mind centering. She has a BA in Dance and is a student of the university of life. Rivka is currently studying as a Somatic Movement Educator.

Rivka is known for her creation of deep dance journey spaces. She is a committed 5Rhythms® dancer and teacher bringing decades of dance and movement experience to her classes and workshops. She works with all sorts of beings, of all ages in diverse settings as a Community Dance Practitioner.  Her practice is creative, expressive, intuitive and shamanic. She holds space for you to dance your own dance in collaboration with one another and the earth we inhabit. Heart to heart, centre to centre, bass to bass, Rivka, also a DJ, draws on deep, medicinal, multi-faceted music to catalyse energy on the dance floor and transport your journey all the way.