5Rhythms® in the desert


6 days of dancing with the elements,

outdoors, on the soft red earth

under the big starry sky

Friday 24 September 2pm –

Wednesday 29 September 12pm



Ross River Resort , Alice Springs,

Eastern Arrernte Country

“If you're thinking about doing this, 

I went last year and am still dreaming about it.
This was a stunning time in amazing landscape with gorgeous humans... dancing in red dirt under a full moon with a dingo howling in the hills a definite highlight.
Rivka is a beautiful facilitator; she is wise and kind and allowing. She also knows how to rock a dance floor and bring out your essence, whatever it may be.
She lovingly holds, gently guides, skilfully mirrors and gleefully celebrates.”


“ Dancing in nature helps me connect to where I live, my environment, my country and my planet. We are all responsible for the care of our planet and dancing directly with her can help remind us of this. The 5Rhythms® Wave is so clearly present in nature offering us many practical teachings. Like the change of seasons, we cycle through life, death and re-emergence just as our plants, mountains, waters and animals do.

Exploring Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether in partnership with the Rhythms offers endless teachings that continue to deepen for me each time I dance with them. I dance in nature to feel connected to life. I dance in nature to remember I am part of a whole. I dance in nature to listen to her and discover how I can be of service.

In her book The Earth Path, Starhawk says "We speak of 'healing the earth' but in reality, what needs healing is our human relationship to the earth."

Dancers who  have come to Grounded tell me they can still feel the earth beneath their feet sometimes on the urban dance floor. Connection to mother earth is so vital for our existence.

'Grounded' honours and deepens our human relationship to the Earth. The centre of Australia is the heart of our country. It is powerful and stirring vast desert with open blue sky and hot red earth. When we listen we can hear and feel the ancestors of the country. We can connect to our own grief of deep cultural wounds. Our personal healing opens the way to greater reconciliation in a much needed, deep way.

Our dance camp is held on big Arrernte county. This strong and dynamic desert can hold all that we need support with.

I invite you to be a part of this collective experience, to journey for yourself, with like-minded and like-hearted humans, earth warriors coming together to dance in partnership with country.” 

Biggest of Love,


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